Digital VAXstation 4000 M90
Last updated: 16.09.2003

[VAXstation 4000 M 90]

Trivia This marvelous piece of machinery was out of use, literally just waiting for someone to pick it up and thus save it from getting bined. Nowadays she's happily bulk-building the pkgsrc for NetBSD, taking about a month per turn. Every once in a while she's used to serve our VXT2000 X Terminals for surfing the web and accessing email.

Especially when we're totally tired of all the other GHz, Gigabyte, Gigabit and Gigabloated machinery around here.

Needs None. Just works as advertised. It's a VAX, you know.
(Well, okay, some software-related issues ...)

Configuration Currently NetBSD 1.6 is installed. She serves multiple purposes, last but not least being the one box to supply bootp, bootparamd, tftp and other services one needs to get even more strange hardware up and running.

The CPU is a Digital NVAX (KA49-A) at a mind-boggling 72MHz, boosted by 10KB on chip and 256KB external cache

Links We strongly recommend spending a visit. Take a look at the vax port there.
If you're unsure about what exact VAXen model you have, David Brownlees excelent VAX hardwarelist (link on the NetBSD/vax site) will most probably help you out. Offers VMS hobbyist licenses.

To be continued ...

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